We guarantee the lowest price on the market, with features optimized for the best performance and fast configuration.

- Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
DNS Recursive Resolver
DNSSEC Validator
Zone Local
Zone Auth
Zone Sign - DNSSEC
DNS IP RateLimit
Amount per month1 R$ 69,00 R$ 99,00 R$ 129,00
1 - Amount per month: Individual license per server

Level 1 - R$ 69,00

- Recursive DNS Server

- DNS Stats and Real-time Info

- SNMP Server with DNS info (queries, miss, hit)

- DNS ACL - Access control of requests (deny, allow, reject, ...)

Level 2 - R$ 99,00

- All Level 1 resources

- DNS Local Zones

- DNS Zones Import

Level 3 - R$ 129,00

- All Level 2 resources

- DNS Authoritative Zones

- Authoritative DNS answers

- IP RateLimit - Limit queries accepted per IP address

Deployment Consulting

BrbOS's setup is optimized for the various networking topologies.

However in some cases the deployment can require a careful monitoring from a specialist.

For these cases we offer Advisory services for network deployment. A specialized consultant will execute the deployment and all required configuration do allow the use of our product.

Service Price
Topology analysis and BrbOS deployment Contact us